Previous meetings

  • God’s sanctuary or the centre of human autonomy – Conscience, or about one of the most controversial human organs in light of Church teaching.

    Referent: ks. dr Andrzej Kuciński

    Data: 21 April 2024

    Godzina: 20:00

    Conscience has a good situation. Sometimes you can appeal to it as a doctor or pharmacist, refuse armed military service because of it, or invoke it to go on strike and protest, although all this is subject to controversy. On the other hand, there are Catholics who appeal to conscience to disassociate themselves from adherence ... Read more
  • North and South. About Southern identity of polish culture

    Referent: prof. Marek Cichocki

    Data: 17 March 2024

    Godzina: 20:00

    The meeting will be held in Polish. For more details please visit our polish website.
  • What can archeology tell us about disability?

    Referent: Dr Magdalena Matczak

    Data: 10 December 2023

    Godzina: 20:00

    Lecturer: Dr Magdalena MatczakDate: Sunday 10th December 2023Time: 8 p.m. One of the main social topics of our time concerns what is done for people experiencing limitations in their lives. Care and inclusion are often named among the things, that make us properly human. If this assumption is true, the care for disabled people should ... Read more
  • The idea of the progress

    Referent: prof. Krzysztof Zanussi

    Data: 15 October 2023

    Godzina: 20:00

    The upcoming meeting will take place in Polish. For more details please visit our Polish website.
  • Wojtyła’s “The Jewelers shop” & the mystery of love

    Referent: Fr. mgr Jan Schönthaler

    Data: 17 September 2023

    Godzina: 20:00

    The September meeting was focused on the same topic as the Fides et cultura 2020 Summer trip: – „The Jewelers shop” & the mystery of love. In fact it was its continuation for those who participated in the event we organized in August 2023. For those, who didn’t have a chance to join us in ... Read more
  • What is the difference between Sex and Gender in the language?

    Referent: mgr Maria Książkiewicz

    Data: 25 June 2023

    Godzina: 16:00

    A short linguistic lecture from the perspective of Edith Stein’s dual anthropology. In our meeting in June we’re going to focus on a linguistic question of the meaning of two terms which seem to cause a stir nowadays – Sex and Gender. Christian anthropology states two sexes as an image and creation of God and ... Read more