Previous meetings

  • The idea of the progress

    Referent: prof. Krzysztof Zanussi

    Data: 15 October 2023

    Godzina: 20:00

    The upcoming meeting will take place in Polish. For more details please visit our Polish website.
  • Wojtyła’s “The Jewelers shop” & the mystery of love

    Referent: Fr. mgr Jan Schönthaler

    Data: 17 September 2023

    Godzina: 20:00

    The September meeting was focused on the same topic as the Fides et cultura 2020 Summer trip: – „The Jewelers shop” & the mystery of love. In fact it was its continuation for those who participated in the event we organized in August 2023. For those, who didn’t have a chance to join us in ... Read more
  • What is the difference between Sex and Gender in the language?

    Referent: mgr Maria Książkiewicz

    Data: 25 June 2023

    Godzina: 16:00

    A short linguistic lecture from the perspective of Edith Stein’s dual anthropology. In our meeting in June we’re going to focus on a linguistic question of the meaning of two terms which seem to cause a stir nowadays – Sex and Gender. Christian anthropology states two sexes as an image and creation of God and ... Read more