Wojtyła’s “The Jewelers shop” & the mystery of love

The online meeting in September is meant for the followers of our regular online meetings as a chance to experience the topic of the summer trip as well as for its participants, to summarise our philosophical discussions.

“It is called meditation, when you go over what you have read or heard carefully in your heart with diligent chewing (ruminatio), and by means of it you inflame an emotion about something or enlighten your understanding.” says Gerhard Zerbolt van Zutphen, Dutch theologian of the late Middle Ages. Our summer trip lecture, as a meditation on the sacrament of marriage, (with some elements of drama) can be treated in such a way. It has been written not only to be read, but also to be re-read. As there was a lot of interest in continuing topics and discussions, we will try to deepen once more into the text, starting from some schemes and hints (so it will be understandable even if you weren’t there).

In the play there can be found a summary of the topic for our upcoming meeting in the words of Adam: “The surface of love has its current—swift, flickering, changeable. A kaleidoscope of waves and situations full of attraction. This current is sometimes so stunning that it carries people away— women and men. They get carried away by the thought that they have absorbed the whole secret of love, but in fact they have not yet even touched it.” We want to take a look into the mystery which lies underneath, and we would like you to join us.