Wojtyła’s “The Jewelers shop” & the mystery of love

The September meeting was focused on the same topic as the Fides et cultura 2020 Summer trip: – „The Jewelers shop” & the mystery of love. In fact it was its continuation for those who participated in the event we organized in August 2023. For those, who didn’t have a chance to join us in Wigry, it was an opportunity to experience the content we had been working on.

Fr. Jan Schöthaler, who is also one of the initiators of the project, prepared for us a presentation of the book – outline of the plot, some concepts and interpretation of the symbols. In this way, we could give orientation to those, who weren’t with us during the trip, and secure a common basis for understanding. As we could observe in the discussion, which followed the lecture, the question of life, love and relationships is important to every person. The dynamics of the dialog proved that Karol Wojtyla’s work, reflecting consciousness from over sixty years ago, touches today’s people, to help us confront those existential matters.